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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 5 rice dishes

Southern style Spanish Rice
This southern side dish is well known to our grandmothers and many referred to it as "Spanish Rice". . Reasons it acquired this nickname are not clear, but most older Southerners will know what you are referring to if you ask for it by this name.
Here's the recipe : Southern Style Spanish Rice

Lemon Chicken with Rice
This recipe goes very well over rice which is a staple grown in South Carolina. Rice was first grown successfully in South Carolina about 1680 when Henry H. Woodward planted seed given him by the captain of a Madagascar ship.  By the early 18th century, it became a major export crop of the Lower South.  Rice planting became extremely profitable and Charleston rice exports rose from 10,000 pounds in 1698 to over 20 million by 1730.
Here's the recipe for: Lemon chicken with rice

Southern style rice pudding
While the weather is cold, nothing quite says comfort like southern style rice pudding. There are few cooks in South Carolina that don't have their own recipe for this, here is one for you to try. We southerners love rice so much we even came up with a way to make it into a delicious dessert.

Here's the recipe:
Southern style rice pudding

How to cook that perfect pot of rice
Rice is often reported by cooks as being one of the most difficult side dishes to prepare. It is actually quite simple once you get the right rice to water ratio figured out and the right timing. Ideally speaking, having a good quality Dutch oven pot with a tight fitting lid makes a big difference. The heavier the lid the better too, but don't fret any pot with a well fitting lid will suffice. 

Here's the instructions for: How to cook that perfect pot of rice

Southern style Chicken Purlieu
This tasty recipe used to be served at school in South Carolina years ago. It is an easy tasty recipe that will satisfy a large family. There are many variations of this recipe and this one is mine. Using a Crock pot to cook your chicken not only adds flavor, but makes the pieces nice and tender and easy to shred...
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