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Thursday, December 01, 2016

A complete Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Turkey

Coming up with a new menu that also keeps all the basic traditions going is a challenge. However, by being a little creative and thinking a little outside of the box you can try these favorites and still have a very traditional tasty Thanksgiving. Nothing says the holidays are here in South Carolina like Thanksgiving. Try some of these southern favorites for your Thanksgiving day feast.

The Main Dish
How to roast the ideal Thanksgiving turkey
Thanksgiving  is a wonderful time of year to show our thanks to everyone in our family and in our lives. Having the ability to create a large delicious feast that  reminds us of how fortunate we are is a great way to Illustrate the point. We all know the Thanksgiving Turkey is the star of the show on Thanksgiving, and it is important that this  delicious centerpiece be cooked to perfection. For instructions on the ideal Thanksgiving turkey see: How to roast the ideal Thanksgiving turkey.

Side dishes 

Southern Corn Pudding
One old time side dish that dates back far in southern cuisine history is Corn Pudding. Corn Pudding, (aka Puddin' Corn, Corn Pudding, Hoppy Glop, Corn Mash, Country Pudding) is a gelatinous food product made from stewed corn, water, any of various thickening agents, and optional additional flavoring or texturing ingredients, typically used as a food staple in rural communities in the southeastern parts of the United States. South Carolina loves these home style rich side dishes and each South Carolinian will have their own recipe.
For this recipe, see: Southern Corn Pudding

Savory baked sweet potatoes
.When we think "Sweet potatoes" we generally think of Thanksgiving, canned Yams, and Sweet potato casserole. However, this delicious savory version has only a hint of sweetness, but at the same time makes a great side dish at Thanksgiving as well.
For the recipe, see: Savorybaked sweet potatoes.

Rice and gravy
Rice is often reported by cooks as being one of the most difficult side dishes to prepare. It is actually quite simple once you get the right rice to water ratio figured out and the right timing. Ideally speaking, having a good quality Dutch oven pot with a tight fitting lid makes a big difference. The heavier the lid the better too, but don't fret any pot with a well fitting lid will suffice. With Thanksgiving only days away it is a good idea to learn how to perfect this side dish. In South Carolina and other areas of the south, rice is often used instead of mashed potatoes for many meals including Thanksgiving. To learn how to perfect this recipe read these easy instructions and you will not fail. 
The way to cook rice is here: How to cook that perfect pot ofrice. 

If you have rice, you have got to have gravy, here's a gravy recipe that is a sure thing: EasyGiblet Gravy.

Apple raisin cranberry chutney
Meals are a great way to pull the family together and enjoy delicious food, laughter and love.
This Chutney uses a lot of my favorite holiday ingredients together in a way that makes it a versatile side dish, chilled or served warm over ice cream you just can't beat it's distinctive holiday flavor. Get the recipe here: 
Apple raisin cranberry chutney.



How about something different like this: FruityTea Fizz?
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