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Monday, November 28, 2011

Leftover Turkey recipes

Yay! Love those leftovers. Two of my favorite ...Image via Wikipedia

Thanksgiving meals cost a fortune and the only way we can really offset the cost is to make full use out of any of the leftovers. This means coming up with tasty ways to keep on dishing up the bird until there is little left. After all, can you truly be thankful for the bountiful blessing if you throw out most of it? These recipes are simple and tasty, and economical too. Now if you didn't get enough turkey, did you know that you can hunt wild turkey in South Carolina? Check out the link at the bottom of this article for more information.

Thanksgiving came and went and of course left something too, plenty of left over Turkey. To do something yummy with your left overs from Thanksgiving, try this Turkey pot pie recipe.

We all know that the real challenge after Thanksgiving is knowing what do to with all the leftovers that you have. With a refrigerator that is no doubt overflowing, and an empty wallet, making meals stretch for the next week can help offset the costs. That is where this recipe comes mind, it is a great way to get more miles out of the leftover turkey and tasty too!

Turkey Gumbo
Hey, Thanksgiving is over, and some of you may be dealing with leftovers, especially Turkey. This recipe will give you a nice way to use the left over bits of the turkey.

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