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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Celebration punch

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This colorful punch is attractive and so fitting for a 4th of July celebration.


      1   .26 oz Rye Whiskey
      2.  2    Bottles sherry
      3.  3    Bottles ginger ale
      4.  2    Whole oranges -- sliced
      5.  Cherry flavored Kool aid
      6.  Blueberry  Kool aid
      7.  Ice cubes


Do this a day ahead:
Make two pitchers of Kool aid, preferably a blue colored and a red colored Kool aid. Pour each different colored/flavored Kool aid in its own separate tray. Freeze overnight. After punch is assembled, add the two different colored Kool aid ice cubes to the punch along with white ice cubes to create the red, white and blue effect.
On the day punch will be made:
Mix the first four ingredients together in a large punch bowl.  It’s a cute idea and a great tasting July the 4th punch. Add the blue and red Kool aid  ice cubes and an even amount of plain ice cubes to create the red, white and blue theme.
To make a non alcoholic version, use all ingredients except the first two. Instead use cranberry juice and add  frozen Orange juice concentrate.
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