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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July the 4th menu


Sparkling peach punch

 This punch is the perfect beverage for almost any celebration. You can make this non alcoholic by replacing the champagne with sparkling grape juice for the kids.
Get the recipe here: 
 Sparkling Peach Punch

Main dish 

Grilled Chicken in beer marinade

Living in the south means there will be plenty of chicken on the table at meal time. Thinking of new ways to serve an old favorite is not only fun but tasty too.
Get the recipe here: 
Grilled chicken in beer marinade

Side dish

Southern Style Potato Salad

What barbeque would be complete without a cold side dish of southern style potato salad? Well it wouldn’t be complete however, luckily this recipe is available to help this menu hit peak performance. This dish is best made a day ahead, as it gets better the longer it sits. For more recipes that are found in South Carolina, see:
Southern Style Potato Salad

Southern style Ambrosia 

What would be better than to finish off a great menu than with a nice chilled dessert that works perfectly with the oh so hot temperatures that come with a July the 4th barbeque or picnic?
Here is the recipe:

Southern style Ambrosia
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