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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great pie recipes for your Easter menu

Slice of banana cream pie.Image via Wikipedia

 With the Easter holiday approaching in April, it's never too early to start planning your menu now. Easy recipes that are big hits at family functions always become the popular choice on the menu. This is a list a easy pies that will make your Easter dinner a memorable and yummy one.
Please enjoy~~~!!!

Southern cooks love to take advantage of the different types of fresh fruits and produce indigenous to our area. South Carolina often utilize the wonderful fresh peaches grown from local farmers to make luscious desserts like this pie.  

This southern treat is so delicious and easy to make. It requires no crust and tastes absolutely heavenly. When you need a quick and easy dessert that tastes like you slaved over it, this is the one. One great Easter tip, take the shredded coconut that you are garnishing the top of the pie with and divide it into a few separate cups and add different colors of food coloring like yellow, pink, blue and green. Let air dry and sprinkle on top of your pie for a true Easter treat.

Grasshopper pie is an easy and tasty Spring dessert that is perfect for Easter. 

Once the warm weather rolls in, we southern cooks all like to serve nice cool treats like this frozen Lemonade pie. It is easy to make, but should be made a day ahead. This pie is so refreshing and tasty, the children will love it all through the spring and summer months.
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