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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Great desserts for Thanksgiving

In large families it is not uncommon, especially in South Carolina and elsewhere for families to contribute to the family day feast with covered dishes of their own. Casserole dishes, whether it's desserts or a savory dish are a welcome sight in the Thanksgiving setting. This list is some of the best casserole dishes out there and if you aren't careful they'll upstage the Turkey. Make sure you get invited back next year with one of these dishes.

Southern Style Ambrosia
This simple dessert is a little lighter than some desserts that may be sitting at the Thanksgiving table and that is actually a good thing. Feeling weighted down with all the Thanksgiving delights makes us all a little sluggish. Try this dessert for an easy quick covered dessert that can be transported easily.

Sweet Potato Dessert Cake
This recipe will blow your mind and have family members fighting for the last piece. If you
are looking for that one dish, that one dessert that is going to make your name remembered, this is
it. Decadent, sinfully rich and oh so right for Thanksgiving, give this recipe a try and they'll be
begging for more.
The recipe is here: Sweet Potato Dessert Cake

Upside Down Applie Pie Coffee Cake
This recipe has all the favorites thrown in to the mix. If you love spice cake, and apple pie, well you
just hit the jackpot with this easy and yummy coffee cake. Let's face it, everyone is expecting a Pumpkin pie, why not shake things up a little with flavors everyone loves but they won't expect.

Double chocolate earthquake cake
Well let's face it, our diets are shot on Thanksgiving to begin with, why not go out with a smile on your
face, chances are you've held back by not eating that many vegetables or salads right? So bake this cake and share it with the masses and you'll feel better, its not like there will be any leftover, which is good, no midnight visits to the refrigerator. Try the recipe here: Double chocolate earthquake cake.

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