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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chilly weather recipes

hamburger soupr
If you are looking for a menu full of delicious comfort food to greet the Fall and Winter months, nothing does it like a menu full of satisfying warm dishes. South Carolina got a taste of the chilly weather to come this past week and it looks like summer is winding down. These recipes will get you into the mood for the cool weather a head.

Marry Me Pot Roast
Whether you're single and trying to rope in that man, or you want to make sure the one you have appreciates you, this recipe will do the trick. Simple and easy and oh so good smelling, you'll have anyone eating out of the palm of your hand with this meal.
See the recipe here: Marry Me Pot Roast

Roasted Butternut Squash
Butternut squash is one of those wonderful foods that can be prepared sweet or savory and taste equally delicious. For a sweet version of this wonderful squash, try *Butternut Squash Pie recipe by Mary Ellen Solesbee of Greer, South Carolina, the link is at the bottom of this article. This recipe is a savory version and it is a great side dish for a variety of meats especially pairing well with with roasted pork. Two medium to large sized Butternut squash will feed a family of five.
Here's the recipe: Roasted Butternut squash

Cheesy baked spinach
This may seem like something your family will not love but the great flavors make this a great side dish for everyone. If you love authentic recipes that are specific to South Carolina, a few great sites to visit are : Recipes from a Southern Kitchen, and Charleston Gateway Recipes. For this recipe see: Cheesy baked spinach

Homemade white fudge
Easy to make, easier to eat and it has so many possibilities, makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays and housewarmings. If you'd love to sample some local fudge from right here in South Carolina, and you'd like to be able to order it from the convenience of your home, try visiting: Southern Candy Kitchen Inc located at 2100 W Carolina Ave, Hartsville, SC. They have a website that will allow you to order their goods right online. Click here to get this recipe that will be the perfect Chilly weather dessert, Homemade white fudge

For more recipes, check out these two sites: Recipes from a Southern Kitchen, and The Low Carb Kitchen.
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