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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Whats for Supper? Baked Tilapia, Brown rice with Quinoa and mixed veggies

©Dawn Gagnon Photography

Yes Tilapia is a mild flavored fish. If you're not careful it can even be, well bland. However, it takes only the clever use of spices, coconut oil and roasted peppers and you've got a tasty delicate fish.
Throw in some brown rice mixed with Quinoa and sauteed vegetables and you've got a tasty restaurant quality meal.

Key things to remember, fish cooks fast, so don't be too far off from your oven. For most filets, seal in tin foil with all your spices, and any veggies you want to cook with the fish. I like using peppers to cook along with this fish they just add a little extra layer of flavor.

For spices I use a lot dried chives, Ms. Dash (trying to cut back on sodium) Rosemary & garlic, pepper, and coconut oil. Yes that is right I gently melt coconut oil and drizzle it over the filets before sealing in  tinfoil and baking. The coconut oil is just a layer of the unforeseen, and it gives a wonderful healthy flavor to the fish.

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