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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kitchen tip: Improving the appearance of etched glassware

A snifter glass.Image via Wikipedia

If you have ever purchased vintage glassware, you may have run across some that had a fuzzy, scratchy appearance to them. This is caused from a number of things. Etching on older glass occurs because in the earlier days when dishwashers first hit the scene, many of the detergents were harsh on glass and over time etching occurs.

Now there are a lot of products and suggestions out on the market today that can be used, but for mild etching, or just to greatly improve etching damage, here's a tip. Simple take your glassware that is damaged and put  a thin coat of vegetable oil on the areas where the etching is. This may mean covering the entire piece so that there is a film of the vegetable oil.

Let the piece sit for a while and wash with a mild dish detergent. It should look much better, and have some of the clarity restored. Now this won't repair scratches, but it will improve the appearance of the glass!
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