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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top five summer desserts

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Pineapple Dream dessert

This cool and light dessert is perfect for warm weather, light, sweet and cool it will be a big hit at every party, family gathering, or social occasion. So easy to make too. Using tasty pecans grown right in South Carolina make this treat even better. To purchase fine South Carolina pecans check the websites at the end of this recipe.

Pineapple Cherry bomb dessert

Pineapples, Cherries, oh my! This recipe embraces some of the favorite ingredients used commonly in the south.

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Fruit cocktail dessert

When the warm weather starts rolling around in South Carolina, we start thinking about delicious fruity desserts to take to family reunions, barbeques, and church socials. This dessert will definitely make you a hit at any of these occasions.
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Fruit cocktail dessert - Columbia home and living | 

Southern fried Ice cream

As with many recipes, there are various versions of almost every kind of dish imaginable. This "southern" version uses crushed Pecans and shredded Coconut to give this treat a slight distinction. The dessert is commonly made by taking a scoop of ice cream frozen well below the temperature at which ice cream is generally kept, possibly coating it in raw egg, rolling it in cornflakes or cookie crumbs, and briefly deep frying it.

How to make frozen Lemon Delight

With Spring in full bloom in South Carolina, you just can't help but think of great cooling recipes that are refreshing and easy to make.  South Carolina residents know the warm weather will soon be here. This frozen lemon dessert is a tasty way to start Spring off, but will also be great for the Summer, so keep this simple recipe handy.
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