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Friday, December 17, 2010

Great Christmas party beverages

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Hot Mulled Wine
Christmas in South Carolina is all about family traditions. One favorite tradition is enjoying mulled wine on Christmas eve. Once the children have slipped off to bed and have enjoyed their Old fashioned Eggnog, it is time for mom and dad and perhaps a few friends and family to gather around for a nice warm beverage. Mulled wine during the holidays is a long time tradition in many families.
This hot mulled wine beverage will chase the chill out of the air, and help even mom and dad sleep a little better before being awakened at 4 in the morning. For the recipe see: Hot Mulled Wine

Old fashioned Egg Nog

There are many different recipes for eggnog including one that originated in South Carolina, see : South Carolina Eggnog  for the recipe at the end of this article. For a unique treat for Christmas, why not try your hand at your own homemade version?
This particular recipe calls for cooking this custard beverage prior to serving. This makes it a safe beverage for all to consume and tastes far better than the eggnog you see in the  grocery store. If you love eggnog, this recipe will allow you to make it anytime of year, instead of waiting once a year to buy it. For the easy recipe see: How to make old fashioned Egg Nog

Southern style mulled cider

South Carolinians are known to enjoy their tea, but they also enjoy this tasty beverage during the holidays. Adding tea gives this hot beverage an added perk of flavor. Like with many 'spicy hot beverages, its what you add to yours that makes it a special treat for your family. With temperatures in South Carolina dipping into the 20's, it's time to enjoy this treat with a little southern influence. For the recipe see: Southern style mulled cider

Christmas coffee
Now that Thanksgiving is over, the next holiday that we all look forward to with great anticipation is Christmas! Whether you are looking for a special beverage to wake you up on Christmas morning, or you plan on offering this as a beverage for a Christmas party, or dinner, this recipe is delicious and oh so easy to make. For those who love to drink coffee, you'll love having this version for the holidays. It is especially nice to have on Christmas eve, to keep you up long enough to get all those gifts wrapped. Enjoy it in front of a quite fire with your loved one as you watch the sparkling lights on the Christmas tree. For instructions on brewing up your own batch for Christmas see: How to make Christmas coffee
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