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Monday, November 22, 2010

Great holiday dessert recipes

Red velvet cake

Wonderful old fashioned recipes handed down in the family from generation to generation, somehow include our past loved ones on holiday meals. These recipes are family recipes that you can add to your menu, and can be easily modified to start your own tradition every holiday season.

Southern life is all about family, love and sharing good things. Grandmothers were the best cooks and their love was in everything they cooked, or baked. This old southern style family heirloom recipe was thought lost forever when in a twist of fate was discovered in an old moving box. Southerners are known for their Coconut Pound Cake. This wonderful recipe now can bring a little southern comfort to your family, and can be served
for years to come for any special occasion from holidays, weddings, birthdays and more. Think of the love you can show in this recipe when you serve it to your family! Try this heirloom recipe: Grandmama's coconut pound cake

Bread pudding is a recipe that actually pre dates the civil war era and by some calculations the recipe was around in one form or another prior to the mid 1700's. Like with all simple yet tasty recipes, there is a southern version. This recipe however, is not only tasty, but easily adaptable to a lower carb version as well. Because of the cherries and coconut, this is a great alternative also to the dreaded fruitcake during the holidays. Try this yummy,  Southern style banana bread pudding

Everyone  loves pie! Especially coconut pie. With church socials, family reunions, cook outs and the like, having a dessert that will impress everyone and be easy as, well,"pie" is important. This southern treat is so delicious and easy to make. It requires no crust and tastes absolutely heavenly. When you need a quick and easy dessert that tastes like you slaved over it, this is the one. Make sure to give this a try: Easy southern coconut pie

Earthquake cake is one of those awesome delicious cakes that have a wonderful oozy cream filled center. If you have ever wondered how to get this effect inside the cake this is the recipe for you. Great things can be done with the filling as well.  You just gotta try this : Double chocolate Earthquake cake
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