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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Top four chicken recipes

Homemade chicken soup

This list comprises some of the most popular chicken recipes and with good reason, they are simple to make, tasty and family friendly.These recipes are easy to prepare, big on flavor and satisfying for a hungry family. Many of these recipes also travel well and are ideal to bring to family gatherings.

Chicken Gumbo
Meals that can be prepared in one pot are a great way to keep the kitchen clean, and free up time for mom to spend with the family. South Carolina makes some of the tastiest Gumbo's this side of the Mason Dixon line and this gumbo is no exception. For the complete recipe see: One Pot Wonder: Chicken Gumbo.

Seasoned Chicken Parmesan
South Carolina has no shortage of ways to cook chicken and while we southerners may be known for our fried chicken, we've been known to make chicken in a few exotic ways too, well exotic for the south. This recipe uses a unique blend of processed seasoned croutons in the mix to make sure you have the tastiest Chicken Parmesan imaginable. For the complete recipe, see: Seasoned Chicken Parmesan.

Chicken Soup
This recipe makes good use of a kitchen must have, the crock pot. Using a few great short cuts you can have delicious homemade soup in no time and it is a great way to feed a large family, or to bring to a social gathering. Make up a large batch of this, freeze it, or take it to a friend that is under the weather. Nothing says I love you like homemade chicken soup. If you love chicken stew, simply add a few cups of diced potatoes and carrots along with a can of cream of chicken soup. There's a lot of ways to enjoy this basic recipe. To get this recipe, see: Homemade Chicken Soup

Lemon Chicken with Rice
This recipe goes very well over rice which is a staple grown in South Carolina. Rice was first grown successfully in South Carolina about 1680 when Henry H. Woodward planted seed given him by the captain of a Madagascar ship. By the early 18th century, it became a major export crop of the Lower South. Rice planting became extremely profitable and Charleston rice exports rose from 10,000 pounds in 1698 to over 20 million by 1730.  For this recipe see: Lemon Chicken with Rice

For low carb recipes see: The Low Carb Kitchen
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